Development and Tuition

Development Courses – Online Training & Private Tuition

Development and Tuition: The Spiritual Mentorship Academy was founded in 2021, and is an Accredited Executive Training Provider, by the  International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

The Academy provides first class tuition, and means that courses and workshops have now been accredited, so students will be getting first class tuition, support and certification for the course or workshops taken. This applies to online and 1 2 1 tuition.

The Academy will cover Psychic, Mediumship and Well being courses and workshops and will be ideal for those unable to attend a regular group for spiritual development, there is a range of 1-2-1 development courses available aiding you to enhance the abilities you already have. Some of the courses availability are:

All relevant paperwork required for each of the courses will be provided, as well as homework to help you. Darren will be available in case you need that little bit of extra help, whilst you are going through the training.

At the end of completing each level you will receive a certificate.

Please get in touch today to start your journey.

I am a member of the United Spiritualist Church in the UK and have achieved the required criteria to be certificated for Mediumship and Public Speaking. I also hold a diploma in Meditation and Mindfulness.

“Do not fear that of the unknown, discover more of life’s great journeys, because the unknown is there to help you.”

– Darren Turner