Spiritual Guidance Assessments: Do you ever find that you feel like you have come to a bit of a stand still or not sure which way to take your mediumship.  Throught my development and work as a medium and tutor, I have help people with guidance from spirit to get past those areas.  Its not easy when we dont know what to do or which direction, I have been there myself.

I am please to offer Spiritual Guidance Assessments, where we will work together to look at why this is happening and what can we put in place.

Initially there will be a 30 minutes consulation to ensure that its right for you. The Assessment plan is based on a minimum of 6 months.

A guideline as follows:

  • Plan of action
  • Tools and Tips 
  • 3 monthly review 
  • One on One contact 
  • Homework 

I work very hard to evidence beyond doubt that our loved ones and friends can communicate with us, and continue to provide unconditional love and guidance. I am a very down to earth person who has been told many times that my sense of humour and compassion put my clients at ease.

If the above is for you, then please contact me info@darrenturnermedium.com to discuss. This is facilitated via Zoom or Skype and each session can be recorded.