Spiritual Mentorship Academy

The Spiritual Mentorship Academy was founded in 2021, and is an Accredited Executive Training Provider, by the  International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).  Many students have signed up to the courses and workshops and we are please to say are now working in their own right.

The Academy provides first class tuition, and means that courses and workshops have now been accredited, so students will be getting first class tuition, support and certification for the course or workshops taken. This applies to online and 1 2 1 tuition.

The Academy covers Psychic, Mediumship and Well being courses and workshops and will be ideal for those unable to attend a regular group for spiritual development, there is a range of 1-2-1 development courses available aiding you to enhance the abilities you already have. Some of the courses availability are:

  • Psychic Awareness Foundation &  Intermediate Level
  • Mediumship Awareness Foundation & Intermediate Level
  • Trance
  • Colour
  • Symbology
  • Mindfulness
  • Further courses are available and being added regularly

All relevant paperwork required for each of the courses will be provided, as well as homework to help you. Darren will be available in case you need that little bit of extra help, whilst you are going through the training.

At the end of completing each level you will receive a certificate.

Please get in touch today to start your journey at info@spiritualmentorshipacademy.com 


I was looking for some advice and interested in joining a circle to explore mediumship. Darren was recommended by a friend and I am so thankful I contacted him. He instantly made me feel at ease and gave me some options. I decided to join Darren’s circle group, which is amazing but also felt I needed some one to one support. I can not recommend Darren enough. He is so supportive and really works hard to help you develop. During the sessions, Darren helps you work with your energy and gives great advice to push you to become your best. I have been working with Darren for 10 months and have already achieved my psychic awareness certificate and 2 certificates in mediumship. I highly recommend Darren and his Mentorship program. He is very professional and genuinely wants to help you progress.


1:1 Tuition

I meet Darren at a demonstration in the Midlands and was blown away at the accuracy of his readings, how he gave the readings with humour and sensitivity and how everyone felt when they received a message. It touched so many people that it was a life changing moment for me. I was drawn to thinking about how I could improve my connections with spirit and after this demonstration I spoke with Darren who directed me to his website. I saw on there he did one to one tuition, I reached out and we had a call to see what I was interested in and where I wanted to go. Darren was already connecting with spirit to see how and where he could help me develop. Darren has such a welcoming way and makes me feel safe whilst I am exploring and pushing my abilities, he is guided by spirit and helps me understand about the connections, energies and gifts I have, especially when I may not get it straight away! Darren is a fantastic mentor and I strongly recommend him if you are interested in exploring your abilities further.

Mrs D

Darren Turner is a natural medium and excellent teacher of mediumship. I discovered his teaching abilities during a workshop and immediately asked if he would consider taking me as his pupil.

I have now had a series of Zoom sessions of  one hour each week.  Darren evaluated my potential and then designed  each lesson to suit my particular needs.  No session repeated work we had already done  except at my particular request. It has always been left to me to decide to extend each set of six lessons. He has never pressured me to continue, quite the opposite in fact.  I have pressured him !

I feel Darren has helped me develop quickly and now I have a strong link to Spirit and can provide a one to one reading to a stranger on the telephone. I can give my sitter, not previously known to me, a pen picture of their own character traits which strengthens my link to them. I then link to one or two spirits often by a name the sitter then supplies to me.  Although I knew I had the ability to do this, Darren is the teacher who showed me exactly how I could bring my ability forward. I intend to continue with him for a while longer. He always has something more to teach me.

Mediumship has proved to be a very happy and fulfilling pathway for me. I would like to put it on record that Darren was pivotal in getting me here. For my part I have worked very hard and followed closely everything he has told me.  I consider myself very lucky to have been given the opportunity to be  Darren’s pupil.

Mrs M

I can highly recommend the courses from the spiritual Academy. Darren is very patient in explaining things, guides you through any problems and blocks and helps explain though information  you do not understand.

He pushes you out of your comfort zone to help you expand and grow and is always helpful with any questions and worries about development.

In my view Darren is an awesome teacher he has helped me no end with my spiritual development and my confidence and we do have a laugh along the way.

Can’t recommend the course enough I’m currently on my second one 😊



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