Darren has an amazing ability to work with spirit…

I have had the pleasure of having readings from Darren on more than a couple of occasions and I have never been disappointed, although sometimes you may not always get from spirit what you think you want to hear he has always been able to deliver what spirit feels is required at that time. Darren has an amazing ability to work with spirit and interpret your needs at the same time. Darren has an ability to understand your human needs as well as your spiritual need at the same time have had many readings from several mediums this is in my opinion where he stands head and shoulders above any other medium I have had a reading from. Darren also has great integrity and would never repeat a reading or discuss his reading with anyone else. I have also had the pleasure of being taught by Darren and would recommend him to anyone that is wishing to further their spiritual path. I have had the joy of being taught in workshops, circles, and one-to-one situations. Darren has an amazing ability to teach by giving confidence and being able to answer questions and is more than happy to share all his knowledge to his best ability. He is never slow at pushing you to the best of your ability, but never pushes further than you are ready to go. I am so great full to Darren for all his knowledge, support, and time he is so willing to give to me, others and my spirit.

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