Darren is a fantastic mentor and I strongly recommend him…

I meet Darren at a demonstration in the Midlands and was blown away at the accuracy of his readings, how he gave the readings with humour and sensitivity and how everyone felt when they received a message. It touched so many people that it was a life-changing moment for me. I was drawn to thinking about how I could improve my connections with spirit and after this demonstration, I spoke with Darren who directed me to his website. I saw on there he did one-to-one tuition, I reached out and we had a call to see what I was interested in and where I wanted to go. Darren was already connecting with spirit to see how and where he could help me develop. Darren has such a welcoming way and makes me feel safe whilst I am exploring and pushing my abilities, he is guided by spirit and helps me understand the connections, energies, and gifts I have, especially when I may not get it straight away! Darren is a fantastic mentor and I strongly recommend him if you are interested in exploring your abilities further.

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