He is a kind, warm and welcoming person…

I visited Darren at his home only yesterday for a spiritual reading. I hadn’t given Darren any details of the specific reason for my coming to see him or about myself personally, but the purpose of the session was to contact my Brother who had passed over two months ago. Not only was Darren able to make contact with him, he also told me that my Brother knew certain things that are currently going on in my everyday life. He also mentioned a number of names which again were completely accurate, and also described my relationship with my husband down to a tea! My experience with Darren has further solidified my belief that our loved ones are indeed always with us and that an afterlife truly exists. He is a kind, warm and welcoming person who made me feel at ease straight away. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone interested in a spiritual reading, he is 100% genuine and has a very special gift. I will definitely be coming back to visit him again in the future.

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