He was beyond accurate for me…

He was beyond accurate for me. He brought my mum through by name and I basically had a conversation with her. Darren described a lot that has been happening through my life and answered the question I had in my mind that I had been hoping my mum would give me guidance on. I barely spoke, he just delivered everything my mum was saying and it was exactly the things I had been asking her for weeks in my mind. Spot on with my sons name, months of birth, information about my father who is still living… I could go on and on. Above anything it was so peaceful as his energy is beautiful. I am extremely cautious about saying anything as I don’t want to ever give away any information… he knew it all… like he was reading from my life book. I am very spiritual anyway although solely in private. For me it was amazing….as although I have had readings before this was the first time my mum came through so strong since her passing 4 years ago. I have always believed in the power of the universe and I believe fear can block spirit so it depends on your mindset before having a reading I guess although I could be wrong with this view. I would highly recommend a reading with Darren as his energy is great and it was a very calm reading and the peace I have been feeling over the last few weeks knowing my mum is happy is simply the best feeling ever!

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