I feel Darren has helped me develop quickly…

Darren Turner is a natural medium and an excellent teacher of mediumship. I discovered his teaching abilities during a workshop and immediately asked if he would consider taking me as his pupil.

I have now had a series of Zoom sessions of one hour each week.  Darren evaluated my potential and then designed each lesson to suit my particular needs.  No session repeated work we had already done except at my particular request. It has always been left to me to decide to extend each set of six lessons. He has never pressured me to continue, quite the opposite in fact.  I have pressured him!

I feel Darren has helped me develop quickly and now I have a strong link to Spirit and can provide a one-to-one reading to a stranger on the telephone. I can give my sitter, not previously known to me, a pen picture of their own character traits which strengthens my link to them. I then link to one or two spirits often by a name the sitter then supplies to me.  Although I knew I had the ability to do this, Darren is the teacher who showed me exactly how I could bring my ability forward. I intend to continue with him for a while longer. He always has something more to teach me.

Mediumship has proved to be a very happy and fulfilling pathway for me. I would like to put it on record that Darren was pivotal in getting me here. For my part, I have worked very hard and followed closely everything he has told me.  I consider myself very lucky to have been given the opportunity to be  Darren’s pupil.

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