Do not fear that of the unknown

because the unknown is there to help you

discover more of life's great journeys,

- Darren Turner

Spiritual Readings

A spiritual reading can provide great comfort, it is a responsibility however that I do not take lightly. Please be reassured that if you come to me for a reading I will do my utmost to bring you messages from your loved ones in Spirit.

Mediumistic Workshops

I now provide tuition services within regular mediumistic workshops across the UK. These workshops can be single day events or multiple dates agreed across a calendar period. Without exception my workshops are enjoyable, power houses of spirit energy.


I now provide platform demonstrations of clairvoyant mediumship throughout the UK and Overseas. I’m very down to earth, and use my sense of humour and compassion to put people at their ease.

Welcome – My Name is Darren Turner, I am an International Clairvoyant, Clairaudience & Clairsentience Medium, based in Northampton covering the West Midlands. I provide demonstrations across the UK & Overseas in addition to personal face to face, telephone & Skype readings.

Promoted Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Walking through the doors of my first ever Spiritualist Church in Northants, England 12 years ago, I felt like I had come home. A spiritual journey followed during which I studied amongst other places at the Arthur Findlay College and learnt to enhance my natural ability by attending various other medium development groups, courses and workshops.

Today I work as a Medium with deep passion and energy across the UK and Overseas, providing personal face to face readings, Skype readings, group demonstrations and training workshops.

I am a member of the United Spiritualist Church in the UK and have achieved the required criteria to be certificated for Mediumship and Public Speaking.

I work very hard to evidence beyond doubt that our loved ones and friends can communicate with us, and continue to provide unconditional love and guidance. I am a very down to earth person who has been told many times that my sense of humour and compassion put my clients at ease.

I regularly demonstrate at Spiritualist Churches and private venues in addition to live internet TV which has been shown in the UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

Wishing to help others develop I also run a Medium Development Circle in Northampton UK and provide regular workshops helping others to enhance their ability.

I am very down to earth and approachable, if you are unsure please phone or email for an informal chat. I look forward to putting you at ease and connecting you with your loved ones. Nothing is more important.