I met with Darren on recommendation of a friend of mine. Like her, I was really impressed with the accuracy of my reading, particularly the names he gave me of loved ones now passed on, as well as living. The messages I received were of great comfort to me, and convinced me further that the afterlife really does exist! Darren was friendly and welcoming, and instantly put me at ease. I’ll definitely be back!

I saw Darren a couple of months ago in Peterborough, at a Demonstration of Mediumship. He came to me with a message that was so spot on that I knew without a doubt that he had my brother with him, he gave me so much evidence in those ten minutes that I came a way with a big smile on my face knowing my brother had contacted me through him. I was so impressed with What I witnessed that evening that I booked him for an event myself.

I have had the pleasure of having readings from Darren on more than a couple of occasions and I have never been disappointed, although some times you may not always get from spirit what you think you want to hear he has always been able to deliver what spirit feels is required at that time. Darren has an amazing ability to work with spirit and interpret your needs at the same time. Darren has an ability to understand your human needs as well as your spiritual need at the same time having had many readings from several mediums this is in my opinion where he stands head and shoulders above any other medium I have had a reading from. Darren also has great integrity and would never repeat a reading or discuss your reading with anyone else.
I have also had the pleasure to being taught by Darren and would recommend him to anyone that is wishing to further there spiritual path. I have had the joy of being taught  in workshops,circle and on a one to one situation. Darren has an amazing ability to teach by giving confidence and being able to answer question and is more than happy to share all his knowledge to his best ability. He is never slow at pushing you to the best of your ability, but never pushes further than you are ready to go.
I am so great full  to Darren for all his knowledge,support and time he is so willing to give to me, others and spirit.

Blown away! Was very nervous but Darren put me at ease straight away, right from the kick off he went straight to the nitty gritty of what’s going on in my life right now and every detail was correct – I felt so comforted to be re-assured from the spirit world, that the people I would hope to be with me are…all the time. Thanks Darren – I would and have recommend you to all my friends and colleagues.

I got bought a reading for Christmas from my best friend , was blown away wasn’t expecting that tbh . He told alot of what has happend a family member I never knew existed. dates whats comming,was friendly funny and 100%genuine I have told my friends this is the real deal book a reading ASAP.

Took the short journey down to Tempsfords Acorn Lodge. So glad I did. Darren Turner was as incredible as ever with his demonstration. I was lucky enough to receive the first message of the evening with further evidence that my father walks alongside me every day.
Anyone who has not seen Darren, really do need to come down. He really is a gifted medium and his messages not only bring comfort to those who are receiving them but for those just listening in the congregation. 
Anyone who has not seen Darren, really do need to come down. He really is a gifted medium and his messages not only bring comfort to those who are receiving them but for those just listening in the congregation.

Had a fantastic night, a truly uplifting, spiritual evening full of humour and evidence. A pleasure to be in the congregation.

After receiving a very accurate reading at my local church by Darren, I booked a private reading. Darren was amazing! Many members of my spiritual family came through, Darren gave me lots of evidence to confirm who was speaking. Not only did I get a lot of comfort from my reading; Darren was extremely kind in taking time to explain aspects of the Spiritual World that I didn’t fully understand. I highly recommend Darren, he is extremely talented, has a wonderful warm, approachable friendly personality.

I am SO amazed at all that happened on Tuesday…I cannot begin to tell you what it meant to me…but I am sure that you must have an inkling !!!  So very much came through’ it has meant the world to me…you really have a very precious gift Darren…THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !!! Jo

Hi Darren,
Hope your well. I am writing to you to say thank you for all your help and also I just wanted to say how you have made a difference to my life. All of my friends and family who have came to see you for a reading were very happy with what you had to say. There is no better feeling Than being able to communicate to a loved one who has passed away and you have made this possible. So once again thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you in another 6 months.
Many thanks

Darren is a warm, genuine, funny yet sensitive medium and has a great connection with the Spirit World.

I was introduced to Darren through a friend and booked a telephone reading. I have to say Darren was excellent. Spot on with names and relevant dates. Very down to earth and was able to communicate messages with ease. I have recommended Darren to others.

For Christmas I brought my friend a gift voucher for a reading with Darren and she was blown away by the accuracy. So whether its a gift for someone or a reading for yourself I would well recommend Darren.

Anna Price

Everything was spot on. When Darren said a truck driver my ears pricked up and then when he said one of five , I was holding my breathe at that point Derek was one of five brothers. He described him to a tea . The two names mentioned Barry (you would think a bloke) but it was his pet name for my motorbiking sister (Barry Sheene lol) yes it was someone on his same age level. When the penny dropped I was laughing so much. The name Tom or Tommy was our very first neighbour who was known by both names. I wasn’t spooked and took great comfort in the fact that Derek was proud of me, after all the sudden timing of his death I had an awful lot of other stuff going on too. I did thank Darren at the end of the evening so again thank you Stef

I have known Darren for a few years now, and he has in some ways been an inspiration to me in my development of mediumistic skills. I have been a guest in one of Darren’s development groups which was an amazing experience, I have attended one of his workshops to help me in working with my guides, again that was fantastic as I was pushed far beyond my comfort zone with some pretty good results. I have also had the benefit of a personal reading from Darren and the evidence was spot on the spirits he brought through and the words spoken were of great comfort and guidance to me in my ongoing journey. I count you as one of my closest friends and I am happy that your pathway has crossed mine on many occasions God bless you.

Hi we had the pleasure of meeting Darren this weekend at Pakefield Pontins with TJ HIggs. he is a wonderful guy and gave us very good readings I would say if you get the chance to meet Darren I would say do it you not be disappointed.

Thank you Darren amazing readings you gave in a demo at Pontins TJ Higgs Psychic. Weekend Pakefield.  I could take loads of various readings as my families came through clearly. My dad and brother and others come through, was amazing, you validated bus driving my dad run Streatham garage as training manager etc. Also they never fail to amaze me I was late and Darren had link before I even entered the venue, all info in the reading I could understand and all names mentioned. I could understand why my work new door and spiritual pathway again come through. Thank you loads darren..hope catch up again at another Andrea x

I met Darren recently when he was working with medium T.J. Higgs and her team in Suffolk, England. Darren was giving a demonstration of mediumship to a congregation and I was fortunate enough to receive a message from my family in spirit. I was amazed by the accuracy and detail of the communication that Darren passed on to me. He delivered my message with such compassion and professionalism. He has a lovely manner about him that instantly put me at ease. I have seen many mediums work over the past 30 years and Darren is up there with the best of them. Thank you Darren, your dedication to spirit shines through!

I had a reading from Darren when I was at my absolute lowest after the death of my beloved Father. I am still amazed by how accurate he was providing me with very specific evidence including my Dad’s description, specific names of people in spirit and on earth and details of events that had occurred since he had passed. I had never met Darren before and he knew nothing about me other than my name. I cannot emphasis enough how much comfort this brought me, to know that my Dad’s soul lives on and that he still watches over me, it simply changed everything. I have had readings in the past but nothing as specific and evidenced as this. Darren also has a lovely way about him, immediately putting you at ease. I really cannot recommend him or thank him highly enough.

I have had the pleasure in seeing Darren demonstration a number of occasions now and have always been amazed at the evidential detailed messages that he has given.
At a recent evening of clairvoyance I was lucky to receive a message not just from my mother and law but also my father. Describing their personality, the way they looked and the manner in which they passed was very accurate. The message regarding my personal circumstances was very poignant and meaningful.. Anyone who hasn’t seen Darren demonstrate really must. He is a larger than life colourful gentleman who makes you feel at ease throughout his demonstrations / readings.

I booked a reading with Darren on a friends recommendation.
From the start Darren was spot on with the names of my spiritual family and dates of anniversaries.
I would definitely recommend Darren to my family and friends.

I first met Darren at a Spiritualist Church and was so impressed by his accuracy, humour and sensitivity when giving readings that I decided to book a 1:1 reading. Darren’s down to earth approach put me at ease and he quickly connected with family members in spirit. He gave me accurate information including names, dates and descriptions with honesty and kindness. Darren gave me great deal of information in a relatively short space of time. I left feeling like a weight had lifted and that I am truly surrounded by loved ones who have passed. Thank you.

We first saw Darren at the Northampton Spiritualist Church, we were very impressed with his demonstration, and decided to have a private reading, which we attended last night, I have to say that Darren’s accuracy is amazing, names, personalities, traits all came through from our loved ones, for both of us, he is a very calming & caring person making you feel totally at ease.

We both came away from the reading feeling for filled that the loved ones that we wanted to come through did, but as Darren states there is no guarantees who will come through, but we were lucky and everyone that we wanted to hear from did.

I have to say and I can from experience as my elderly mother has been a good medium for many years, Darren is up there with the best.

Thank you Darren and look forward to seeing you again.

Darren is such an incredibly gifted Medium and the most amazing teacher, I 100% recommend a reading or joining one of his workshops. On top of all that he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Lovely evening at the Spiritualist church Corby tonight. Thank you Darren for putting me in touch with my mum. Very heartwarming.

I had a private reading with Darren today i was very impressed with what he had to say thank you Darren the things you said meant so much to me thank you once again.

Went to see Darren today for a reading and it was Amazing. I have been a spiritualist for 30yrs and can honestly say I was blown away by him. He was spot on with everything,I can’t recommend him enough. Apart from being so professional Darren is so lovely and friendly. I would urge anyone that wants a reading to book with Darren, he truly is genuine

I first met Darren when he channelled my beloved Dad 6 weeks after he passed away. The reading was via the telephone and was the most evidenced, surreal sitting I have ever had. Darren started by physically describing my Dad, evidenced events that had happened since his death and relayed over a dozen names accurately in addition to dates and very relevant support for me. I was incredibly low that day and Darren literally lifted me off the floor, providing such comfort and enabling me to move forward.
That day gave me the desire to help others and whilst I had no idea if I possessed the ability I decided that I wanted to try.
I have now attended several of Darren’s spiritual workshops and sit weekly in his medium development circle.
In addition to being the best medium I have ever met Darren is an exceptional teacher.
He has a way of explaining the process and giving you the confidence to develop your own skills in a secure, comfortable environment.
Darren puts you immediately at ease, teaching you the same detailed, evidenced approach that he practices himself.
I really cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone that wants to experience how a first class medium works and wishes to explore their own potential.

Before I started with Darren in his development group I had no idea what to expect from a circle. I didn’t know Darren, but in the way these things happen, had ”come across” him. From the first week in circle, I felt comfortable with Darren and the rest of the group. Darren is a great teacher but just as importantly he cares about the development of the members of his group. We are challenged every week but never beyond our capabilities. Group is always entertaining, engaging and elucidating. Darren’s support is always there during group time and also during the rest of the week. I  trust Darren, his advice and ultimately his ability to help me develop as I need and require. I consider myself lucky to have Darren as part of my life and development  as a medium.

If your looking for a development circle I can highly recommend this kind, caring, gentle giant. I’ve been sitting in his circle for a few years now. My connection to spirit with Darren’s help has come on in leaps and bounds. To say this man is patient is an under statement. I might even call him a saint. (Well I did say might. Lol).
Circle members are friendly and encouraging. Each one of us gets 1 to 1 attention. Darren limits the circle to a manageable number of 6/8 members so he can push us a bit more each week. All he asks in return is commitment. If your one of these people who lack confidence. Then this is the circle for you. Darren’s a great confidence booster.
We meet once a week for 2 hours and learn something new each time. But that’s not all. There’s homework to keep you going throughout the week and Darren’s on call if you get stuck. There’s nothing like hearing his friendly voice of encouragement at the end of the phone. Working with spirit is a great honour. And with the right teacher it’s fun and rewarding.
My advice to you all. Phone Darren and have a chat.

I have always had a natural mediumistic ability and huge interest in “things spiritual”. As a result of this I sat in circles, development groups and attended workshops for more than 20 years on and off. I saw Darren when he served my local spiritualist church and joined his circle soon after. I must say that I learnt more in a few months than I had learnt in those 20 odd years. He is a very understanding and competent teacher, willing to answer any questions, allay any doubts as well as re-assuring students on a personal level. I recognise his excellent teaching abilities as I used to work in that profession. Knowledge, and being a good medium is one thing but to be able to inspire people and transmit that knowledge is another. The best mediums do not necessarily make the best teachers, but Darren is brilliant at both!! If you want to progress in spiritual/spiritualist terms, or have a group that needs an excellent teacher, then I very strongly suggest you get in touch.

I recently visited Darren at his home for a reading, I had an issue that I felt I was stuck with and needed some guidance/help. I was recommended by a friend to see Darren. After meeting with Darren it has really helped me to move forward, he was kind, honest, sympathetic and non-judgemental. He didn’t tell me what to do but helped me enormously by giving me some options. He also passed on advice from family members who had passed. He gave me information on a number of family members, both past and present which was lovely and gave me immense comfort. I really needed to hear what Darren passed on from my family members and it has definitely made me feel more focused with where my life is going and I feel that I can now look forward with peace & comfort. Thankyou Darren. Jo

Recently had a reading with Darren and was amazed by his knowledge and accuracy of details of my life – past and present. Information that he passed to me has been of great comfort and lifted a weight from my shoulders. Thank you, Darren.

I have had an amazing reading from Darren today. Daren has a gentle and warm approach, he was incredibly accurate
I am recommending him to anyone with no hesitations
I will come to you again

Had my first reading with Darren yesterday and I have to say as soon as I met him he made me feel very relaxed and comfortable almost as if we’d met before!(which we hadn’t!).
Almost as soon as I sat down messages started to come through!Without any doubt in my mind my dad came through ,Darren was telling me things that only my dad would have known!It was quite emotional but at the same time very up lifting!There were also other members of the family coming through.All in all it was a very positive reading!I can’t wait to book another reading with him.

For me Darren was spot on and I would definitely recommend him!I certainly came away feeling elated and with a real sense of calmness about me,which I haven’t felt for a long time!

Thankyou so very much Darren,you’re a truly lovely person and I’m so glad to have had the pleasure of meeting you.

I had the best reading for many years.

Darren was sensitive and understanding and one of the best!!!

I would recommend Darren to any my friends and I will have another reading in the future
Bless you!


He was beyond accurate for me. He brought my mum through by name and I basically had a conversation with her. Darren described a lot that has been happening through my life and answered the question I had in my mind that I had been hoping my mum would give me guidance on. I barely spoke, he just delivered everything my mum was saying and it was exactly the things I had been asking her for weeks in my mind. Spot on with my sons name, months of birth, information about my father who is still living… I could go on and on. Above anything it was so peaceful as his energy is beautiful. I am extremely cautious about saying anything as I don’t want to ever give away any information… he knew it all… like he was reading from my life book. I am very spiritual anyway although solely in private. For me it was amazing….as although I have had readings before this was the first time my mum came through so strong since her passing 4 years ago. I have always believed in the power of the universe and I believe fear can block spirit so it depends on your mindset before having a reading I guess although I could be wrong with this view. I would highly recommend a reading with Darren as his energy is great and it was a very calm reading and the peace I have been feeling over the last few weeks knowing my mum is happy is simply the best feeling ever!

Yesterday I was very fortunate to have a one – to-one reading with Darren.
Incredible proof that life goes on, I had been desperate to get something ( anything) from my husband who passed last year, so amongst tears and laughter I had all the proof I needed , even down to the fact that I still have a pair of my husbands shoes.
I can’t thank Darren enough for seeing me at short notice , as I live in Cyprus but was visiting family locally.
One Big Massive Thank you Darren I feel I can now move on with my life x

Totally lost for words, had a joint meeting and was so amazing! So accurate. Would highly recommend thank you Darren

One to one meeting with this truly gifted man today one word …AMAZING… tears and laughter a real comfort so accurate a real pleasure to meet you Darren thank you so much for your time x

Thank you Darren for the much needed message last night & it brought my sceptical partner some light into his life when I told him his dad came through ~ it’s a year next week since he passed.

Well I’m lost for words Darren is an amazing medium got such an amazing gift felt honored to meet him would def recommend him to anyone who needs prove our loved ones are still around thank you so much Darren such a pleasure to meet you x

Thank you so much for my reading this morning Darren. Very comforting for me and your insight was was both amazing and reaffirming.

Thank you for nice words ..and thank you for help..amazing .. x

Thank you for the powerful reading today. Bringing my mum through by name was a special moment. The reading has been a blessing and a beautiful reminder that love is always present and to trust the power of gut instinct and the universe. Darren you are a beautiful person, thank you so much

Darren is amazing since meeting him one evening at earth spirit crystals to having a reading and attending his workshops I’m am hooked and will always come to Darren for spiritual guiding and training. Such a lovely professional guy. You won’t go wrong by attending anything he does you will be amazed.

Having heard of Darren but never met him i was so happy to sit at Camberley church this evening and see Darren work. Brilliant!! He was so lovely and friendly and his way with Spirit is excellent. Everyone who got a message had so much evidence, humour and laughter, i didn’t want the eve to finish. I came out with a buzz. Cant wait to see him again.

Thank you very much for my message tonight whilst I was at St Neots Spiritual Church, from my uncle it was very relevant for what is going on in my life at this time and very greatly appreciated. I came along to watch you at work as I had heard amazing things about your work. So to actually receive a message too was a wonderful gift. Thank you

Was lucky enough to have a reading with Darren for my Birthday from my daughter !
It was fantastic all what I needed to hear and more .
Thank you so much Darren All the very best to you and hope to see you again x

Thank you that’s all I say . So accurate about my family.

Darren thank you so much for yesterday’s reading.. everything you said was spot on.. was totally shocked when you said the name Doris.. nobody but family would understand this !!! Wishing you a fabulous Christmas as now I can enjoy mine after what you said.. you have brought peace to my broken heart.. # fabulous man with a fabulous gift.

My mum and I met with Darren recently and I must say we were not disappointed. Darren is very warm and kind and both my Mum and I felt at ease straight away. We had requested a spiritual reading and Darren was able to share information that left me with absolutely no doubt, that this life really is just a mere journey to the next. Thank you Darren.

I visited Darren at his home only yesterday for a spiritual reading. I hadn’t given Darren any details of the specific reason for my coming to see him or about myself personally, but the purpose of the session was to contact my Brother who had passed over two months ago. Not only was Darren able to make contact with him, he also told me that my Brother knew certain things that are currently going on in my everyday life. He also mentioned a number of names which again were completely accurate, and also described my relationship with my husband down to a tea! My experience with Darren has further solidified my belief that our loved ones are indeed always with us and that an afterlife truly exists. He is a kind, warm and welcoming person who made me feel at ease straight away. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone interested in a spiritual reading, he is 100% genuine and has a very special gift. I will definitely be coming back to visit him again in the future

Thank you so much Darren, my reading this morning was so accurate, I was shaking and emotional, but what you told me meant so much to me and will mean so much to others, I am really grateful xx

Darren is one of the best working Mediums I have seen.

I came away feeling very uplifted and absolutely in no doubt that he had communicated with my Grandmother.

His description of her was very accurate and her character traits were spot on. My message was both evidencial and very appropriate to my life at this time. I thank you Darren for being a beautiful channel for our loved ones and the Spirit World. God bless you.

I would strongly recommend Darren Turner with no hesitation.

I rarely write reviews, but this one had to be done.

The experience I had with Darren was incredible. He connected with my Nan and Grandads and said things only they would say or know about.

I also feel I have a true understanding of myself and where I am going with my life.

I don’t think I could put a price on the session I had with Darren because in my eyes, it was priceless.

If you are contemplating on going to see Darren, I say go and with an open mind. It could be the best thing you have done for a while.

When I first saw Darren at a spiritualist church I knew I had to have a reading with him.
He was amazing and my mum trusted him to come through with so much evidence. The reading was spot on and really given me the kick up the bum I needed. Thank you.

Darren Turner is a natural medium and excellent teacher of mediumship. I discovered his teaching abilities during a workshop and immediately asked if he would consider taking me as his pupil.

 I have now had a series of Zoom sessions of  one hour each week.  Darren evaluated my potential and then designed  each lesson to suit my particular needs.  No session repeated work we had already done  except at my particular request. It has always been left to me to decide to extend each set of six lessons. He has never pressured me to continue, quite the opposite in fact.  I have pressured him !

I feel Darren has helped me  develop quickly and now I have a strong link to Spirit and can provide a one to one reading to a stranger on the telephone. I can give my sitter, not previously known to me, a pen picture of their own character traits which strengthens my link to them. I then link to one or two spirits often by a name the sitter then supplies to me.  Although I knew I had the ability to do this, Darren is the teacher who showed me exactly how I could bring my ability forward. I intend to continue with him for a while longer. He always has something more to teach me.
Mediumship has proved to be a very happy and fulfilling pathway for me. I would like to put it on record that Darren was pivotal in getting me here. For my part I have worked very hard and followed closely everything he has told me.  I consider myself very lucky to have been given the opportunity to be  Darren’s pupil.
Meri McCall

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