Spiritual Mentorship Academy – Accredited Mediumship Courses & Training

Welcome to the Darren Turner Spiritual Mentorship Academy, where my mission is to guide you through a transformative journey of spiritual and mediumistic development.

I've meticulously crafted a series of courses designed to usher you from the initial stages of psychic awareness right through to the mastery of advanced mediumship techniques.

Throughout this journey, I'll be right there beside you, offering support and guidance, sharing insights from my own experiences, and helping you to unlock your full potential.

Accredited by IPHM

Elevate your spiritual journey with our IPHM-accredited courses.

Immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery and unleash your hidden potential through my IPHM-accredited courses, meticulously tailored to boost your spiritual and mediumship abilities.

Awaken the Connection: Transformative Psychic and Mediumship Courses for Spiritual Insight

step 1 — The Psychic Awareness Course

Course Code: DTSMA-PSC101

In our introductory course, we explore the foundational aspects of psychic development. This course is tailored for those eager to explore and enhance their innate psychic abilities, such as intuition and clairvoyance. We cover essential topics like Psychic Energy, The Chakra System, The Aura, and Meditation, among others. By the end of this course, you'll possess a robust understanding of your psychic abilities and how to utilise them to assist others, paving the way for your mediumship journey.

Step 2  Foundation in Mediumship

Course Code: DTSMA-FMC201

Building upon your psychic foundation, this course introduces you to the realm of mediumship. You'll master essential techniques for connecting with spirits, interpreting their messages, and grasping the ethical considerations of mediumistic work. Our aim is to lay down a solid groundwork that prepares you for deeper spiritual connections and communications.

Step 3  Intermediate Mediumship

Course Code: DTSMA-IMC301

As you advance to the intermediate level, we delve into the complexities of mediumship. This course is crafted to refine your skills, offering advanced techniques and specialised knowledge to deepen your connection with the spirit world. You'll gain hands-on experience, learning to navigate more complex communications and ethical dilemmas with confidence.

Step 4  Advanced Mediumship Techniques

Course Code: DTSMA-AMC401

Our culminating course is intended for those who have mastered the foundational and intermediate levels and are ready to achieve mastery in mediumship. This advanced course delves into profound communication techniques and specialised areas of mediumship. You'll benefit from personalised mentorship, aiding in the refinement of your abilities and exploration of the professional dimensions of being a medium.

 Accredited by IPHM

Elevate your spiritual journey with our IPHM-accredited courses.

Immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery and unleash your hidden potential through my IPHM-accredited courses, meticulously tailored to boost your spiritual and mediumship abilities.

Guiding Your Spiritual Journey With Care And Expertise

As the founder of the Spiritual Mentorship Academy, accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), it's my goal to shepherd each student through their spiritual journey, ensuring they acquire both knowledge and practical experience. We pride ourselves on empowering students and organisations alike, fostering confidence and laying a solid foundation for their spiritual path.

Tailored Learning And Development Opportunities

Choosing the right Psychic or Mediumship Development course can be daunting. That's why I offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation to aid in making an informed decision. Our courses are bespoke to individual needs, featuring one-to-one sessions, video tuition, and ongoing email support.

For those desiring to concentrate on specific areas, such as Symbology or enhancing connections, our private tuition is designed to bolster your confidence and knowledge. We offer courses with and without certification, spanning Psychic Awareness, Mediumship at various levels, and specialised topics like Symbology and Colour.

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Academic Certification Example


Thank you. Accurate and helpful

Thank you. Accurate and helpful reading by a gifted psychic.

Michelle Beswick

Recently completed the Psychic Foundation

Recently completed the Psychic Foundation Course with Darren. I would highly recommend Darren as a Tutor. The learning process was enjoyable and fascinating. Darren is knowledgeable, and has the ability to be able to share his knowledge in teaching and guiding you to enhance your own learning and development. He has patience, is kind and explains the topic well.


I attended one of Darren’s

I attended one of Darren’s wonderful workshops quite spontaneously as a total beginner. Despite being nervous and shy, Darren immediately put me at ease, making the whole experience great fun so I could relax and open up. He cleverly makes everything feel simple and accessible. Everyone was lovely and welcoming. What I learnt has been invaluable in many ways, opening the door to a much more connected magical world. I’m a musician and passionate about healing, intuition, energy, the psychic and spirit. I even connected with spirit/mediumship and it was amazing. Darren’s work is full of Love and humour which we need more of in life!
Thank you Darren. Emma

Emma Churchley

I have had a few

I have had a few reading with Darren over the years and referred multiple friends and family to him also. His gift to connect to spirits is so meaningful and delivered with kindness, care and a degree of humour when appropriate. I can highly recommend his services.


I have always had reading

I have always had reading to help guide me through my life. I moved to the Southwest 7 years ago and wanted a reading, this is how I met Darren. The reading was so accurate it was amazing and the guidance given was extremely helpful on my journey.

I joined Darren’s academy doing the foundation course in Mediumship, I will say that I am very analytical in my thinking, Darren was able to teach me in a way that I understood and allowed me develop my skills. I ask many questions and he always explains things in detail and ensures that I understand and can put into practice. I have since joined the development circle and attended a symbology course. I cannot express how much I have learnt and continue to learn from Darren he is a great mentor.

Vicky Newby

Mr. Darren Turner is

Mr. Darren Turner is an absolute wonderful man with a very talented gift. From my personal experience he was able to tell me things relayed on from passed loved ones via the spiritual world. Things that no one would know but yourself it is absolutely unfathomable on what this lovely gentleman can bring to us. I high recommend this service as you will find it is priceless.

Thank you once again Mr. Darren Turner

Kai Attwal-Cheema

I’ve just had the most

I’ve just had the most accurate, heartfelt reading with Darren. Everything he said was 100% spot on. He’s a rare find and a highly gifted man. He gave detailed answers to all my questions in the reading. I feel clear about my way forward now thanks to his in-depth reading. Book him while you can! He’s wonderful. xx

Karen White

I spent the day with

I spent the day with Darren in Glastonbury on his Mediumship workshop in September. A busy, fun, wonderful day spent with like minded people. Lots of different mediumship practices to work with.
I absolutely loved it and would recommend this to anyone looking to practice their mediumship skills and learn alot more.
Thank you Darren

Kathryn Chapman