Clairvoyant Medium Cambridge UK

Welcome to my website and thank you for seeking more information about me and my work as a Clairvoyant Medium for the Cambridge area. I provide personal face to face readings, Skype readings, group demonstrations and training workshops across the UK & Overseas.

I am a member of the United Spiritualist Church and have achieved the required criteria to be certificated for Mediumship and Public Speaking.

Part of my work involves me in public demonstrations, these demonstrations are held within Spiritual Churches, Theatres and other public venues. Mediums who provide services in this way are often referred to as Platform Mediums. This is a service I provide across Cambridgeshire and I can refer you to previous clients for recommendations.

When I am working in either private one to one readings, skype calls or public demonstrations I work very hard to evidence the information coming through from the Spirit World. There is of course no guarantee who will choose to communicate but I consider it a pure privilege to channel your loved ones.
I also provide Mediumistic online development workshops and weekly development circles for the Cambridge area. This enables individuals to develop their skills in a safe environment with likeminded people.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any element of my work. I am always happy to talk about Spirit and I am told that I have a knack of putting people at their ease. I very much hope that I can connect you personally with your family and friends who have passed over.

How Can I Help You

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