21st June – Small Zoom Virtual Event

21st June - Small Zoom Virtual Event


June 21, 2024    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Event Type

Small Zoom Virtual Event £12.00

A chance to join Darren as he works with the spiritual side of life to connect loved ones, friends, and family. Relax at home and join Darren on this small online virtual event, where we work together to create a safe space and place to reconnect with spirit.

This will be limited to 10 places.

Having worked in the UK and abroad for over 15 years, Darren has gained a reputation as an evidential medium, reconnecting those on both sides of life.

Working with his natural ability to communicate with loved ones, friends, and family, providing a detailed message of love, compassion, and respect.  Securing his belief that our loved ones continue to exist through the communication they provide.


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