Tip 1 – Creating and Controlling Your Energy Bubble


Introduction: Setting the Stage for Tips

Hello, everyone, and thanks very much for clicking on this video today. I quite often get asked some questions when I'm out working, or email to me. So I thought I would do a few tip videos for you so that you can actually play these back. And you can practice these exercises or these tips again, to help you.

Holding Energy in the Spirit World

So the first question is, how do I hold the energy when I'm working with the spirit world or working with psychic energy? Great question. So here's the tip. Get yourself comfortable at home to practice this exercise. Get comfortable in a chair or where your space is for you to work.

Visualizing the Energy Bubble

And as you sit there, and you close your eyes, I just want you to visualize and imagine a bubble all the way around you quite close to your body to start with. If you prefer to have a color associated with this bubble, that's fine. But as long as you can imagine or visualize that bubble around you.

Expanding Your Energy Bubble

Next, what I want you to do is use your focus on that bubble. Imagine that you're expanding that bubble out from your own energy, maybe out a little bit further to start with until you feel comfortable with it. And then imagine expanding it out even further. And complete this process until it's touching in your mind and in your visualization, the four corners of your room.

Holding and Contracting the Energy Bubble

And I want you to hold that energy bubble there. And when you feel that you've held that energy bubble as long as you can, very slowly start to contract it so that the bubble is coming back again, just to the outside of your body as it was before. You can practice this as many times as you'd like.

Benefits of the Exercise: Adapting to Energies

The benefit of this exercise is that when you're working you feel maybe your energy or the energy of the person that you're working with on the earth psychically or you're feeling the energy of the spirit person in the spirit world isn't quite strong enough and your energy is not matching up right. You can push the bubble out as far as you need to, to encompass that person or in hampers that spirit.

Adaptation: Bringing Energy Closer or Pushing It Away

And if you feel you need to bring in a little bit closer to you. You can imagine and visualize reducing and contracting that bubble so that that spirit person is coming closer to you or the energy of the person you're working with psychic is coming closer to you. Try it, give it a go practice it. Hopefully you will find benefit from it.

Gratitude and Encouragement

It's been great working with you. Please try that exercise. And I hope that you will find that tip of benefit to you. Thank you.



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