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Mediumistic Musings: A Blend of Blogs and Newsletters

Hello everyone hope your good.. I'm just doing a blog on a video for you here because a few of you have asked that I do a blog rather than maybe doing the newsletter sometimes. So I thought I'm going to mix it up for you. So I'm going to send newsletters out sometimes, but also the blog. So you're going to have to keep looking at those inboxes to see what's coming through and how it's coming through.

Energetic Connections: Reflections on Recent Mediumistic Activities

But it's been really, really nice to get feedback on all the things that I've been doing recently when I've been doing demonstrations, also about the Academy. And there's some new videos up for the academy that are going to be coming out very shortly via the website. But it's been really, really nice to catch up with people. I mean, we've had Christmas. So we always have that great time, don't we after Christmas or during Christmas, where we can just relax, have a few beers, especially me, I mean, I've had a few beers this time. Whereas I don't normally because I'm working.

Spiritual Renewal: Post-Holiday Reflections and Blogging Purpose

But it's really nice to have that break after Christmas. And then we come back rushing into it, don't wait, where we're back at work, or we're doing whatever we're doing. So I've just done this blog for you here just for you to sort of listen to and maybe pause when you need to or rewind fast for whatever you want to do, just so that you can, you can have a look at it and listen to it.

Gratitude from the Spirit Realm: Appreciation for Feedback and Testimonials

So can I first start by saying thank you to everyone recently, that's been at the demos that I've done in western Super Mare and locally around my area at the moment. And thanks for the lovely feedback, the testimonials that you've left on my website, and that you've done for me, it's really is appreciated. Because the work that I do, I love doing love bringing that sort of happiness or closure to people maybe. But understanding that the work I do is not me, it's the spirit world that really does it. And I'm just that channel. So thank you very much for your kind kind words and remarks that you give, because it means a lot to me, and certainly those people in the spirit world. So thank you for that.

Mediumistic Insights: Upcoming Zoom Demonstration and Symbology Workshop

If you do want to leave me a testimonial, you can do that via the website, just jump on and find the testimonial tab and you can leave it on there. And I'd be grateful if you can do that if you want to leave a video testimonial. And please do get in touch or you can record one yourself. And then you send it to me on email to And we can get that put on for you as well with your permission.

Spirit-Guided Events: Detailed Overview of Future Mediumistic Engagements

So I just wanted to let you know about some events that I've got coming up in the next few months. as well in case any of you are in those areas that want to pop along. But obviously, all the details can be found on the website. But I've got the 23rd of Feb, I'm doing a zoom demonstration online. This is because they've been quite popular when I've done them in the past I did a few last year and I think the year before that. And they've been quite popular. And it gives those people the chance that can't come to a physical exam, just to sit at home or wherever it is they are to be able to connect with us online. And for me to bring through hopefully those people in the spirit world that are so dear to you and mean so much to you.

Mediumistic Symbols: Invitation to a Symbology Workshop in Glastonbury

And all these things that I'm telling you are all on the website. So you'll just have to scroll through each one that you're interested in. And actually just click that link, and it will actually tell you how you go about joining in with that. So that's on the 23rd of February. That's the Zoom online demonstration.

Mediumship in Symbols: Unlocking the Mysteries in a Symbology Workshop

We then got on the second of March, I've got a symbology workshop in Glastonbury, which is a lovely place. I'm sure you've all heard of Glastonbury through different media forms, or you've been there yourself. And it has a wonderful, wonderful energy about it. And I'm doing the symbology course, which is sort of what we use when we're working psychic clear, we're working with mediumship. And it's what spirits show us sometimes in our minds, and we have to really work out what does that message what is the message?

Connecting with Spirits: Details of an Upcoming Mediumistic Demonstration

But it's of course open really to anyone. I mean if you've had some experience then obviously it will help you. If you've not really had any experience it will start to make your mind look a little bit more at what maybe you know is going on around you and within you sometimes to help you understand a little bit more about that. So please come along to that. It's always a nice time and we had a fabulous time the last time you were there as well. You will need to bring your own food we provide the tea and the coffee, but you will need to bring your own food but as I say all details are on the website and you can put that via the website.

Mediumistic Encounters: March Demonstration and Gloucester Theatre Show Preview

Then we go on to the 29th of March in western Super Mare. I'm doing a demo stration, a medium ship that's at the Grand Atlantic hotel right on the seafront or Western. So for those of you who are local, as you will know, it's a pretty easy place to find. And it's nice to go there before or maybe even after, and, you know, sort of sit on the seafront, or maybe even have a meal at the hotel. And for those of you who are a little bit further away, they provide accommodation, so you can come along and maybe make a weekend of it. And that is on the 29th of March, I think that is on Good Friday. So if you're not doing anything that we can, maybe you could sort of come along and make a trip of it.

Spiritual Unity: Inviting Attendees and Encouraging Connections

But whatever you do, to come along, please do come along with an open mind and say hello to me afterwards, you know, and we can have a chat and talk about different things, because it's really nice for me, to talk to you people to be able to find what you're doing in life, you know, what things interests you in life, the

 things that maybe you know, we can help you with, either via the academy, or I can help you myself with some sort of tuition as well. So please do come along with that, to that. And you can find that on the website, too.

Mediumistic Exploration: A Journey to Gloucester's King's Theatre

This year, I'm in Gloucester, I've not been to Gloucester before working on my own, but I'm at the king's Theatre in Gloucester on the sixth of October, again, that can be found on the website. So venue I've never been to, but it's got a venue, which everyone says is fantastic to work in. So please, if you want to come along with that you can book tickets online, via the actual website of the theatre, which you can get the details on my website, or via my website, too. So please come along to that as well. And again, please come and have a chat afterwards. Because it's nice to meet people and speak to people. And I think sometimes people think, well, I can't come afterwards to talk to the medium. Because I shouldn't do it, I can't do it. Please do you know, every medium likes you to talk to them afterwards. Because at the end of the day, we are normal people. So you know, and we'd like to just discuss and talk with you and meet people and say hello and, and do things like that.

Mediumistic Vision: Website Highlights and Community Building

There's other things on the website, too, that you can look at with other events that are coming up other zoom events further on in the year. Other demonstrations are the courses. But please make sure that you look at the academy as well for any courses that you might want to do with those, you do get a free 15 minute consultation. You know, it's very much something development, which is personal to you. And you'll decide to do that at the right time. And do the course that you wish. But what I would say to you is, you know, there's nothing wrong with having the free 15 minute consultation that we provide for you where that is concerned. So please, if you want to do that, again, drop us an email via the website. And we can do that.

Community Connection: Building a Network of Spiritually Inclined Individuals

Don't forget, you know, it's about us building a community. So please do sign up for the newsletter if you haven't done already. And you can do that via the website, And to sign up, you'll see it towards the bottom of the website, or join up to the YouTube channel, or even Facebook page where you can find out what I'm up to there on what we're doing. Because again, that's about building a little bit of a community as well. I love to get your messages if you need help with anything. If it's just a question, please also do that. So please, guys, have a great day, wherever you are doing. Please just stay safe. Stay positive and know and understand that as you go through life, that you will be guided by spirit in whichever direction it is that they feel you need to go.

Mediumistic Guidance: Nurturing Spiritual Development and Future Encounters

But if you want to enhance yourselves within your development, please do drop on the website. I hope to see some of you at the events. Please do come and say hello. Take care and all the best. And I look forward to seeing you and speaking with you in the future.



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