I have to say that Darren’s accuracy is amazing…

We first saw Darren at the Northampton Spiritualist Church, we were very impressed with his demonstration, and decided to have a private reading, which we attended last night, I have to say that Darren’s accuracy is amazing, names, personalities, traits all came through from our loved ones, for both of us, he is a very calming & caring person making you feel totally at ease.

We both came away from the reading feeling for filled that the loved ones that we wanted to come through did, but as Darren states there is no guarantees who will come through, but we were lucky and everyone that we wanted to hear from did.

I have to say and I can from experience as my elderly mother has been a good medium for many years, Darren is up there with the best.

Thank you Darren and look forward to seeing you again.

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